Greek Archaeological Museums

Discover the Greek archaeological museums! National, regional or local museums, museums near archaeological sites, spread all over the country, from urban centers to remote villages and islands. All museums, regardless of scale, aim at making the Past familiar, attractive and fun. Find out what is necessary to organize your visit to each one of them and even more!​​

Archaeological Museums in numbers

Archaeological Museums

Visitοrs 2019 - 2020

Temporary exhibitions 2019 - 2020

The New Archaeological Museum of Chania opened its gates to the public on 16-4-2022, in the area of Chalepa. In 2021 the Loverdos Museum- a branch of the Byzantine and Christian Museum, the new Archaeological Museum of Chalkida «Arethousa», the Archaeological Collection of Sami, Kefalonia and the Xenokrateion Archaeological Museum of the Sacred City of Mesolongi opened their gates to the public.
In 2021 the permanent exhibitions of the Prehistoric Museum of Thira and the Archaeological Museum of Veria were enriched
Exhibition in the Archaeological Museum of Delphi from September 23rd 2021 until February 28th 2022, as an act of reciprocation for the loan of important Greek antiquities in the large exhibition hosted in the Louvre Museum, entitled “Paris-Athens. The Birth of Modern Greece, 1675-1919” (30 September 2021 – 7 February 2022)
The exhibition is presented in the Diachronic Museum of Larissa from July 1st 2021 until April 30th 2022, depicting the tonic current prevailing in Thessaly at the end of the 18th and beginning of the 19th century, with the climax of Neo-hellenic Enlightenment
Exhibition in the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki from 15 July 2021 until 17 July 2022, in the frame of celebrating the 200 years from the outbreak of the struggle for the national independence
This intra-cycladic exhibition is hosted at the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos from the beginning of August until the end of December 2022, in the frame of celebrating the birth of the modern Greek state
The exhibition, presented at the Byzantine and Christian Museum from 18 September 2021 until 31 March 2022, is dedicated to the anniversary of 450 years since the historic naval battle of Nafpaktos in 1571
The exhibition is presented in the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki from February 11th to May 15th , 2022 and is dedicated to the ancient culture of Sardinia, the Nuragic culture, with its imposing megalithic buildings, nuraghi, dolmens, menhirs and tombs of giants