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Greek Archaeological Museums

Discover the Greek archaeological museums! National, regional or local museums, museums near archaeological sites, spread all over the country, from urban centers to remote villages and islands. All museums, regardless of scale, aim at making the Past familiar, attractive and fun. Find out what is necessary to organize your visit to each one of them and even more!​​

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In 2023, two new museums were inaugurated, the Archaeological Museum of Mesara in Crete and the Archaeological Museum of Kythnos, while the Archaeological Museum of Elefsina and the Archaeological Museum of Agios Nikolaos reopened, upgraded and with new exhibitions.


On the occasion of the 60 years anniversary from its inauguration, the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki hosts a temporary exhibition shedding light on the 60 most prominent moments of the history of the largest and oldest archaeological museum in northern Greece. Duration: from 27 October 2022 until 31 March 2024.
The Archaeological Museum of Piraeus hosts from 23 September 2022 a temporary exhibition with some of the most important finds from the rescue excavation at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center at the Faliron Delta. The exhibits emphasize the significance of an extended in place and time seaside cemetery, providing an insight of the Athenian society mainly during archaic times, as a reflection of the city’s pulsing life with notions that led to political developments and finally to Democracy.
Important new findings from cemeteries and individual burials of ancient Melians are presented to the public from the first time in the Archaeological Museum of Milos from the 1st July 2022.
The exhibition is hosted in the Archaeological Museum of Patras from 24 November until the end of March 2024 and presents precious finds from excavations, mainly jewellery, coins thesauri and other objects, most of which are made of gold and silver and are kept into the treasury chest of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Achaia, remaining invisible to public. In some occasions it is about simple artifacts made of valuable materials and sometimes about sophisticated samples of miniature art enlightening special moments of ancient Achaia.
On the occasion of the recent finds that were discovered in the Hellenistic City of Petra in Amyntaio, the Archaeological Museum of Florina hosts a temporary exhibition that presents the daily life and the various activities of the people of the Hellenistic period in the area. Duration from 5 February until 5 June 2024.